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A Joyful Home for Robert Puksand

Founding partner of Gray Puksand, Robert Puksand, enlists colour, movement and fun in his Melbourne home to see he and his wife into the next stage of their lives.

More Timeless Than Modern

Vo Trong Nghia Architects weave a decidedly contemporary structure with natural, ancient – human – elements to merge old and new connotations of Vietnam.

Polishing The Next Generation Of Architectural Gems

The Glenn Murcutt International Masterclass returns with Eco Outdoor for an intensive course guiding Australia’s brightest architects.

The Plan to Build House by tenfiftyfive

A home in Melbourne by architects tenfiftyfive boasts a kitchen that connects directly to the exterior environment. No longer do those cooking need to be separated from the rest of the happenings.

The New Open Plan

Are the days of open plan living over? While a complete backlash may be a way off, designers are refreshing traditional ideas of spaciousness to accommodate today’s lifestyle changes.

Growing Up While Staying Young

How can a youthful curiosity help to reinvigorate modern design on the current, Australasian architecture and design scene?

Did You Miss?

Sydney’s World Design Capital Bid Is Public And Gaining Pace!

Today and tomorrow, Sydney plays host to two VIP representatives from the World Design Organisation, in a move to be declared World Design Capital in


Sacrificing Function For Form? Never Again!

The kitchen is a special place in the home; where we create, converse, cook, and clean – which is why it’s not worth sacrificing either aesthetics or functionality in any aspect, cleaning included.

7 Essentials for Timber Flooring in the Kitchen

Here’s your top 7 ‘must do’ tips for flooring your kitchen perfectly with timber thanks to the guys at Tongue n Groove!

IFFS: At The Forefront Of Design’s Own Big Bang Moment

The International Furniture Fair, Singapore, returns in 2018 with an exposition of the physical and cyber worlds of design.


Insights and Innovations From The World’s Leading Bathroom Fair

The ISH bathroom fair in Frankfurt has unveiled a host of exciting new innovations and products for the design savvy crowd – we dig into a few here

What To Expect From The Sydney Indesign LiveLife Talks

Designing better – and smarter – worlds. Your August, SID17 LiveLife Design Hunter Seminar Series program starts here…

Savour Patisserie Hits The Sweet Spot

Collectivus Design Studio reimagines the old-world patisserie in a fresh and free spirited fit out.

Get Famous at Sydney Indesign 2017

The eyes and ears of the global A+D industry will be turned on Sydney for SID17 – make sure you put your best foot forward.

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